The New Earth Buzz

Ken Vrana, Producer,  Paul McCartney Garland Appeal: “New Earth is fun. This band specializes in originals and they definitely know how to rock the house.”

The Boomer Project: “… New Earth, a Boomer-aged band playing new music in the style of the best bands of the 60’s and 70’s. They call it “Boomer Rock,” … and that’s exactly what it is.”

Walter Gonet, Executive Producer, New Music Showcase: “I kept hitting repeat on “My Fear”, I can’t stop listening to it.  Nice job.”

Sour Grapes Music: “We had a great time seeing New Earth play an all-originals show…. these guys are really fun … They’ve got great melodious songs with a vicious rhythm undertow and a real wacky stage presence. They cover a variety of styles and no two of their songs sound the same.”

Ken Safety, Sonic Arts : “Last week covered ALL the bases.  Big thanks to featured artist NEW EARTH …   These guys write some really great songs.  Please check them out!”

The Fringe: “A fun original band from Connecticut that plays rock you can think about.”

Ludent Tremmel, Myopicat Records: “The spirit of psychedelia when it was in its innocence.”

Random Fan Reviews:

“[The] words and music are so refreshingly real.”

“What a pleasing and varied song list.” Voted Connecticut’s Best Original Band of the Month