Songs to Master the Parts

Half a Tear

First Love

Saint Mathew


My Boat / Sailing the Seas

American Girl

Fly (Roots & Rocks Version)

Songs Needing Lead Parts

Apology (Needs Lead Guitar)

Because of You (Needs Lead Guitar)

Careful, Careful (Needs Lead Guitar)

Gentleman Joe’s Lament (Needs Lead Guitar)

Gift Horse (Needs Lead Guitar)

Gunsareusa (Needs Lead Guitar)

Opinion (Needs Lead Guitar)

Prefect Union (Needs Lead Guitar)

Sandy (Needs Lead Guitar)

Biding Time (for Roots & Rocks)

What Was I To Do (for Roots & Rocks)

Songs to Study

Because of You (Some interesting parts in this)

Natural (Roots & Rocks Version) (Could go with blues if you like)

The Commitment (Roots & Rocks Version) Your thoughts?

Time Bomb (Roots & Rocks Version) (Not opposed to changing)