Ripple Effect 2020

In 2019, The Beatles mastered Abbey Road. This inspired New Earth to do the same with the 2006 release of Ripple Effect. Today, New Earth is proud to present the remastered version to the public for the first time.

Paul (Cappa, not McCartney) painstakingly went through each song to remove any unnecessary instruments and fix any small mistakes. He also slowed down some tracks to their original intended tempos. This is most notable in Down by Me and Extraordinary.

Abbey Road Technology

As part of the process, Paul set up the digital audio workstation with the Waves EMI Abbey Road plugins. Paul was able to use the digital version of the Abbey Road consoles, reverbs, automatic double track (ADT), and tape recorders used by The Beatles.

As Paul said, “Ripple Effect was our first attempt at recording a full album of music. We didn’t quite have the process down. Today, the mixing technology is far superior to what we had in 2006. The Abbey Road reverbs sound amazing and the ADT brings so much life to the background vocals. The Redd Console and the 337 Tape Emulator brought analog warmth to the overall mix. I got quite a rush when I heard the sounds we had in our heads back in 2006.”

A New Experience

The resultant body of work is warmer, clearer, and has a superior overall sound. New Earth hopes you agree.

Bonus: The Worlds First LP MP3

As a bonus, New Earth is proud to release what they believe is the first LP MP3. It’s the entire Ripple Effect album in a single MP3 file. The intention is to give the listener the pleasure of the full Ripple Effect experience as a single body of work. This is in the spirit of the great albums on 33 1/3 LPs where you would put the needle down and immerse yourself into the collective work from beginning to end (OK, you would have to flip it over).

Now you can put in your earbuds, close your eyes, press play, and enjoy. The good news, New Earth is planning to make this format available for all future recordings.